baby shower invitations wording

Tips for Baby Shower Invitations Wording for a Girl

The event of a baby shower involves you putting in a lot of effort and thought. Amongst the other crucial things, the wordings of the invitation hold equal importance. It depicts your effort and passion towards the entire event as it’s a beginning phase leading to the actual party.

Baby shower invitations wording for a girl could involve usage of “pink”. The sentence could go something like this: “the room is all pink; we are excitedly waiting for a baby girl to come in a blink”. Rhyming words are a great way to express and communicate your message to the potential guests. It is artistic and a lot of creativity gets portrayed as well.

baby shower invitations wording for a girl“Since a cute little baby girl is on its way, then why not throw a shower for the mommy before the baby’s BirthDay” – this exhibits the entire meaning in just one sentence. Brush your creative skills and, I am sure, once you begin there would be no stopping you from the right baby shower invitations wording for a girl.

Amalgamate a poem into the invitation card with slight variation in words. The composition of the sentence would be somewhat like this then:

“Twinkle twinkle little star, we are going to come home carrying a little girl in our car; before that happens you are invited to a shower, to leave a permanent memory scar”. Get all emotional, there is no stopping you from this. It’s a time that would involve a whirlpool of emotions.

Baby shower invitations wording for a girl could also go something like this – come to the baby shower and get your hair curled because it’s a baby girl. This way you have also given your guests a piece of advice of how to manage their hair when they come over for the baby shower.

Sometimes it’s also wise to keep everything simple. You could make such a card which begins with the words “it’s a……?” and then turning over the page would reveal that it is a girl. Below this you could write other necessary details such as the place, timings etc; this needs also to be written on the other invitation cards.

baby shower invitations wording for a girlGo all scientific. Write a double X at the beginning of the card and then invite people. This way, scientifically, the gender would also be revealed.

The following words are a great way to disclose the gender of the baby; “two tiny feet and hands that we are to greet, O my God, we are so excited for the baby girl we are going to meet”.

Another simple way for the invitation card involves making it all pink and letting the color speak its language. Though it would not be said but everyone would get an idea of what to expect. You can think of it as a silent message.

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