baby shower cakes for girls

Special baby shower cake for girls

Selecting a unique, amazing and delicious baby shower cake for girls wouldn’t be very easy. Primarily, there are numerous baby shower cakes that are available for girls that makes the selection a bit harder. However, there are certain aspects to be determined when it comes to selecting a cake for baby shower celebrations. Theme, design, size and flavor are the prime aspects to be included in your considerations.

Here are some of the finest baby shower cakes for girls:

Barbie Doll Cake:

The best choice for a baby shower cake for girl is a Barbie Doll Cake. Dolls are primarily associated with girls and Barbie Doll is certainly the best in them. It’d be great for you to consider getting a Barbie Doll Cake for the baby shower party. There are many other special cakes for baby girls but it’s regarded as the best one is certainly on the top of the list. There are numerous colors of Barbie Doll Cakes that can be selected according to your likings.

Polka Dots and Stripes Cake:

baby shower cakes

Theme, and color scheme of the cake should be brilliant and that’s what one can attain in a Polka Dots and Stripes Cake. That’s probably the best choice for baby girls on baby shower celebrations. This cake has an eye catching appearance and it can surely be the centerpiece of the celebrations. You shouldn’t forget about Polka Dots and Stripes Cake when it comes to getting a cake for baby shower of girls.






Winnie the Pooh Cake:

baby shower cakes Pooh

While considering finest cakes for baby girls, there’s no need to neglect the significance of Winnie the Pooh Cake. This is regarded as one of the finest choices of individuals for baby shower cake celebrations. Pooh and Piglet certainly enhances the charms and beauty of this cake. That’s one of the sweetest and loveliest cakes for your lovely baby girl. So, don’t forget to get this one for your baby shower celebrations.






Name Cake: Simplicity and uniqueness can also bring better outcomes in certain prospects. You can surely introduce some uniqueness and simplicity in your baby shower celebrations for girl with a Name Cake. You can write the name of your baby girl on the cake with a brilliant combination of colors. The color theme of the cake needs to be special so that the appearance of cake would be perfect.

Cherry Blossoms Cake:

baby shower cakes cherry blossom


This is another special cake for your exclusive baby shower celebrations. It’d be better for you to get this cake with multiple colors. Decorations on Cherry blossoms cakes are also significant and they’re required to be done in a superb manner so that the overall look of the cake can be made top notch. Pinkish shade can be given to the cherry blossoms cake that can be associated with baby girl.







Girly Cupcakes:

baby shower cakes for girls cupcakes

Your baby shower celebrations can certainly be made special and wonderful with cupcakes. You can surely think of having girly cupcakes as they’re delicate, special and sweet for your celebrations. Light pink touch can be given to the cupcakes so that they can be a bit more girly. Exclusive girly decorations can also be given considerable importance in those prospects.






Polka Dots Cake: This is another special cake for girls that can be used for baby showers. Delicious pastels can be added on the cake along with Polka Dots. Creamy looks can also be given to the cake but you shouldn’t be neglecting better decoration. The charms of this particular cake can be enhanced with special decorative arrangements that can be done for the exclusive celebrations of baby shower.

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