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Some Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys That You Should Consider

The pregnant couple already has a lot on their plate. If they are expecting a boy, then here are some unique baby shower gift ideas for boys.

Present to the couple a basket full of necessary stuff for the baby. Make a color theme preferably blue, if it’s a boy. You can put into the basket a bodysuit accompanied with matching socks and a hat. A changing mat and a pillow are also some important ingredients of this basket. Then you can put in baby soap and powder to give the entire basket a nice finish. The couple would be gratified by this gift of yours.

baby shower gift ideas for boysOne of the great baby shower gift ideas for boys is a T-shirt depicting the gender of the baby. With the words “That’s my boy”, “Mom’s little boy”, etc. written on the t-shirt; the purpose gets fulfilled. Pay a visit to the baby section in a store where you would find a variety of such clothes to choose from. Seeing such a gift would certainly put a smile on the couple’s face.

Giving soft toys has always been one of the great baby shower gift ideas for boys. Though, the baby would not be able to play with it immediately, but it would be helpful in the decoration of his room. You could either buy one big toy or few smaller ones.

A baby book is one of the great baby shower gift ideas for boys. In this, the couple would be able to write all the important things about the baby that they would want to remember and look back at with a smile. It includes information such as weight and height of the baby at the time of birth, eye color, blood group and some other information. The book proceeds with the date that a particular thing happened during the course of time such as the first time that the baby crawled walked or mumbled his first word. It would serve as a preserved casket of memories.

Another great gift for the baby boy would be a frame onto which the baby’s hand and footprints could be put on. It would be a great memory for both the baby and the parents during later periods of life. In fact, the grown-up boy would find it difficult to believe that once he had such tiny hands and feet.

baby shower gift ideas for boysA cradle baby swing is one of the best gifts that you could give on this occasion. It must be one of those things that the couple had been planning to buy for. Just as a precautionary measure, check with the would-be parents the things that they have bought and those still need purchasing. This way you would be avoiding buying two sets of similar things.



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