baby shower invitations wording for a boy

Creative Ideas For Baby Shower Invitations Wording For A Boy

It’s always exciting to plan parties but a thing as important as a baby shower requires more focused preparation and attention to minute details. An important element is choosing the right wording for the invitations. Here, you would find variety of ideas for baby shower invitations wording for a boy. It is essential that you put some thought to the making of the card as it would be a priceless possession for your guests and also for yourself.

baby shower invitations wording for a boyThe wording of the invitations depends on the theme that you have chosen. It is always wise to move away from the typical theme and set of wordings in order to break the monotony. Creative ideas make the invitations more interesting to read and could also be framed and used as a decorative piece of memory to embellish your room.

Creating a weather theme is a great idea and involves weather-related words to match the format. Baby shower invitations wording for a boy would involve the usage of forecast i.e. according to the forecast a baby shower is expected. Then you could go on writing about the timings and day when it would be held. At the RSVP portion you could write “whether” you would come or not. This would give a nice finishing touch to the entire invitation card. To give the idea that it is a boy that is being expected, you could make the theme of the card blue with a little moustache drawn on the top.

Baby shower invitations wording for a boy could also involve a poem. It would give the invitation an artistic touch and the guests would also be impressed by your creative skills. You could specifically use the words that rhyme with boy. Something like this would sound really nice, “you are invited to a baby shower of an expected boy, we really do not mind if you bring along a toy”.  So, if you are amongst those who enjoyed the English lessons of poetry at school, then you would easily be able to manage this piece of work.

baby shower invitations wording for a boy_1Baby shower invitations wording for a boy could also use “bundles of joy for the upcoming cute little boy” written by painting a t-shirt of a baby boy. Toys, specifically for baby boys, could also be drawn around the edges of the card to give it an interesting look and also clearly depicting the gender of the baby.

Starting your invitation with “O Boy” is a great idea for baby shower invitations wording for a boy. The guests would clearly get the idea of what the mother is expecting.

You could also start by saying that the verdict has arrived, it’s a boy! Keeping it simple and precise is also liked.

Go all scientific and use a X and a Y at the beginning of the invitation to communicate the gender of the baby.

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